Michael Underhill


Chief Investment Officer​

2019 Private Markets Real Assets Report
40% of Endowments and Foundations are focusing their attention on fees. $1 billion endowments generate average return of 5.90% over 10 years aided by Real Assets allocation of 15%.

​Financial Times interview with Michael Underhill 1/13/19. 

"Will crunch Brexit vote spark sterling rally or sell-off?" Continued volatility with a wide dispersion in earnings across sectors...

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Multi-Asset Real Return
Learn about our experience in managing Cash Flow Driven investment programs for Corporate defined benefit plans. The program aims to help DB plans meet their cash flow needs.  

8/28/19 TD Ameritrade Network Discussion with Oliver Renick: Energy, Federal Reserve, Fiscal Policy Implications and Gold

2019 MLP Simplifications to continue with focus on IDR Elimination

We expect simplifications will continue in 2019 with IDR eliminations being the focus as most roll-ups have been announced.

Susan Dambekaln

Founder, Managing Partner & Portfolio Manager

Real Assets - Real Expertise™