Innovation is ingrained in our DNA​ as a Global Real Assets Investment Manager

​The strength of our investment culture derives in part from our emphasis on original thinking and fundamental research, complemented by our embrace of a diversity of investment strategies to help our clients achieve their unique investment objectives. 

We specialize in Real Assets, delivering client solutions in multiple liquidity styles as our Public Markets group invests in real estate securities, listed infrastructure and natural resource equities, as well as preferred securities and other income solutions.

Our private markets group invests into private market Real Assets through a combination of primary, secondary fund investments and direct/co-investments. Investment activities for all three investment types are fully integrated. We believe that everything needs to fall under the same investment philosophy, and that the GP relationships formed through primary investing are essential to sourcing and executing secondary investments and direct/co-investments.

Our strategies are available through a wide range of investment vehicles, including institutional accounts, U.S. registered mutual funds as well as onshore and offshore limited partnerships.

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