Capital Innovations is an independent employee-owned, boutique Real Assets Manager providing Infrastructure, Timber, and Agriculture focused investments strategies.

Capital Innovations offers uniquely focused strategies through both individual and combined investment vehicles. Our objective is to deliver better risk-adjusted returns to the client. 

Substantial resources are invested in staff and systems to match resources with the demands of managing market risk and complying with client guidelines.

Employee ownership reinforces firm-wide stability and makes the investment team and principals more directly accountable to the client.

The investment approach takes the long view, believing that doing business the right way over time will present opportunity for future growth. Macroeconomic forecasting, sector and security analysis and rigorous risk management controls address the challenges of investing volatile global markets.

Our investment strategies have been featured in Pensions and Investments, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and Bloomberg News.

At Capital Innovations we share our insights, innovative thinking and experience through the Capital Innovations Institute™ (CII) which is responsible for the wealth of research and industry education that is published through our textbooks, clients whitepapers, and industry leading insights.

Our group is focused on bringing the firm's intellectual capital to the marketplace and developing solutions to help our clients achieve their investment goals.

Please contact us for access to our newsletters, fact sheets, presentations, and whitepapers.

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