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Chief Investment Officer​

​​​​Neoliberal Globalization, Deflation, the Rise of Populism, and Investment Implications
Markets have been resilient to political shocks, but are investors getting complacent in their asset allocation models? Contact us for the whitepaper.

​​2018 Global Outlook
Led by international economies and markets, it appears we are in the midst of the most synchronous global economic upturn since 2009 with characteristics of self sustainability.

​​​​Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology: Dutch Tulip Bulb Mania or Dawn of a New Era
Tulip bulbs were initially a very rare merchandise, owned by a few. As they became more and more popular, the price fell dramatically. Because each individual owned a specific part of the market, you could easily price the actual value. In the case of Bitcoin, nobody owns the market. There is no bulb, only a web of constant relationships (between miners, traders and holders) which is supporting the ecosystem.

The Real Deal™

Explore the potential diversification benefits of allocating to global real assets.

Multi-Asset Real Return
Learn about our experience in managing Cash Flow Driven investment programs for Corporate defined benefit plans. The program aims to help DB plans meet their cash flow needs.  

Real Assets - Real Expertise™

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Founder, Managing Partner & Portfolio Manager

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