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Investment Disciplines

Real assets have found a place in the strategic asset allocation mix of most institutional investors and can play multiple roles in a diversified portfolio including total return potential, inflation protection and lower correlations to traditional equity and fixed income.

Most portfolios have two broad objectives: income and growth. Bonds have traditionally been used to generate portfolio income, while equities are often employed to achieve growth.  In our view, real assets should complement a portfolio’s growth and income allocations because of added benefits of inflation protection and lower market correlations.

Adding real assets requires a well-defined investment objective, as well as a clear plan for implementation, including the size of the real assets allocation within the overall portfolio, the mix of real assets exposures, and the vehicles by which these exposures will be delivered. Whether a real assets allocation is attained through direct exposures or through a listed real assets portfolio, skilled portfolio allocation capabilities are required to maintain portfolio objectives and react to changing market regimes over time.

Our investment strategies focus on key Real Asset sectors: 

• Agribusiness

• Infrastructure Equity and Debt 

• Energy

• Metals & Mining

• Real Estate

• Timber & Forestry

Presentation booklets are available for all of our investment disciplines and our composite performance may be found in numerous consultant databases. (including eVestment Alliance & Callan Associates, etc) Please contact us to learn more about our firm, products, history, capabilities and investment approaches.

Private Market Real Assets Group

Diversified across leading General Partners, geography, property type and industry. Dedicated real assets team has significant global direct and fund investing experience. Hands-on involvement in portfolio construction.

North Square Global Natural Resources and Infrastructure Fund (INNAX & INNNX)

Mutual Fund that is subadvised by Capital Innovations. The link above will take you to the Oakridge Mutual Funds website. The Fund is distributed through Oakridge Investments.

Capital Innovations Global Agribusiness Strategy
The investment objective seeks capital growth by investing in businesses related to food production that capture value at various points along the food chain. Put simply, agribusiness is the business of feeding the world. It includes the entire spectrum of businesses related to food production – from planting to the distribution and sale of the end product. Not only does this offer promising investment opportunities, our global scope and the wide array of sectors could potentially reduce investors risk from market fluctuations. So, when you invest in our discipline, you may benefit from the growth prospects of the agribusiness.

Capital Innovations Global Listed Infrastructure Strategy
The investment objective of the separate account strategy is to achieve total return through investments in U.S. and non-U.S. equity securities issued by infrastructure companies. Infrastructure companies typically provide the physical framework that society requires to function on a daily basis and are defined as utilities, pipelines, toll roads, airports, railroads, marine ports and telecommunications companies. (According to "The Handbook of Infrastructure Investing.”)

Capital Innovations Energy Infrastructure Strategy
The investment objective of the separate account strategy is to provide attractive total return through investments in energy-related master limited partnerships (MLPs) and securities of companies that derive at least 50% of their revenues or operating income from the exploration, production, gathering, transportation, processing, storage, refining, distribution or marketing of natural gas, crude oil and other energy resources. Nearly all other infrastructure is dependent on pipelines and other energy assets to provide essential services to the economy according to "The Handbook of Infrastructure Investing.”

Capital Innovations Global Real Estate Securities Strategy
The investment objective of the strategy is to achieve total return through investment in global real estate equity securities. Global real estate securities are common stocks and other equity securities issued by U.S. and non-U.S. real estate companies, including real estate investment trusts (REITs) and similar REIT- like entities.

Capital Innovations Global Listed Timber Strategy
The investment objective seeks capital growth by investing at least two-thirds of its total assets in a diversified portfolio of the shares of companies operating in the financing, plantation and management of forests and wooded regions and/or the processing, production and distribution of timber and other services and products derived from wood. The investment universe is not restricted to a specific geographical zone.

Capital Innovations Multi-Asset Real Return Strategy
As an innovator in the Multi-Asset Real Return category, Capital Innovations delivered one of the first strategies designed to protect investor's purchasing power by investing in a variety of global Real Asset classes. We pursue real return opportunistically through a flexible, active approach that allows us to choose what we believe are the most appropriate Real Assets based on the current market environment. Our team utilizes an allocation process that includes a long-term outlook focusing on valuation to identify undervalue asset classes. However, we also consider short-term drivers of return including changing economic conditions and rapid swings in investor behavior. Although it cannot assure profit or loss protection, combining focused multi-sector strategies can help deliver a real return, higher yields and diversification benefits. Our Multi-Asset Real Return Strategy is designed to be a core, "one-stop shop", solution combining both income and growth characteristics. Our team's Real Asset focused process seeks out the liquidity of exchange traded opportunities around the world and across asset classes along with dividend income opportunities.