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Our fund management teams share their views and insights across a range of investments markets and asset classes. Includes fund and market updates, team travel diaries and thought leadership provided to the media so we may help our clients make a more informed choice. 

August 2018 Financial Times "S&P and Nasdaq close at record highs on trade hope" by Nicole Bullock

August 2018 Financial Times "Emerging Markets turmoil set to take centre stage again" by Nicole Bullock

May 2018 Reuters "Robots fight weeds in challenge to agrochemical giants" by Tom Polanek

May 2018 Oil and Gas Investor "FERC Tax Ruling Accelerated But Didn’t Trigger Slew Of Consolidations" by Joseph Markman

April 2018 Financial Times "Volatility looks like it is here to stay with 27 big swings in 2018" by Joe Rennison

March 2018 Financial Times "Stocks hit by fears over White House economic policy" by Nicole Bullock

February 2018 Irish Times “We will see increased volatility as we get into this late stage of the economic cycle.”

January 2018 Financial Times "Inflationary pressures on the rise across markets- Among commodities, oil is sending the most robust signal about inflation" by Nicole Bullock

January 2018 Reuters "After herbicide scandals, Monsanto faces rising competition for soybeans" by Rod Nickel

January 2018 Financial Times "Gold miners among outperformers amid US Dollar prospects" by Nicole Bullock

January 2018 CNBC "Danielle DiMartino Booth, Money Strong, and Michael Underhill, Capital Innovations, discuss the minutes from the Federal Open Market"

November 2017 Financial Times "Tech hit while financials rally as investors rotate sectors" by Nicole Bullock

November 2017 CBS Money Watch "The Trump stock market rally: Don't thank Trump" by Lawrence Light

September 2017 Financial Times "Apple has worst week in 17 months on muted demand...Michael Underhill, chief investment officer at Capital Innovations, forecast a rotation out of tech and into energy and materials through the end of 2017." by Nicole Bullock

September 2017 Barron's "MLPs Stage a Surprise Post-Harvey Comeback" by Amey Stone

August 2017 CNBC Closing Bell "Secular rotation into Energy and Materials".

Capital Innovations Institute™: Thought Leadership in Practice

Capital Innovations Institute’s primary goal is to develop ideas and research that expand the investment community’s understanding of Real Asset Investing. The Institute is a division of Capital Innovations, LLC a leading investment management firm based in North America. By partnering with professionals and academics in our field, we seek to educate clients, consultants, members of the broader investment community, and our own investment professionals. The primary tools employed to reach our diverse audiences include:

Special events, including conferences, educational seminars and other programs. Through these initiatives, we strive to enhance the understanding and commitment of our audiences, attract interest and input from progressive thinkers in our industry, and contribute to the creation of an interactive forum for innovative ideas which ultimately lead to publication of research papers and articles. To find out more about Institute meeting please contact us.

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