Our Vision

Experienced, Stable Portfolio Managers

Average 24 years of experience

Asset Allocation Committee

Bringing together diverse industry knowledge, with an average of 25 years of experience

"Capital Innovations is a leading global investment manager with a history of Innovation in Real Asset investing." Michael Underhill & Susan Dambekaln,

Co-Founders of Capital Innovations, LLC 

What's in a Name - Millau Viaduct Bridge Logo
In everything we do, its our belief that being innovative creates a viable solution. 
We do this by employing precise engineering, superior construction and unique ideas to our investment solutions. Michel Virogeux (french Structural engineer) and Norman Foster (british architect) had this vision as well when they designed the bridge.

Since our founding, we have focused on serving clients who appreciate individualized account management, our philosophy of diversification and a high level of personal service. We have the experience and investment capabilities to meet the needs of a diverse client base.

- Individuals and Families

- Corporations

- Public Funds

- Endowments

- Foundations

- Taft Hartley

- Religious Organizations

- Financial Institutions

We understand the concerns of institutional investors, starting with your need to develop a deep understanding of our investment strategies and their ability to generate future returns. As a partner, we respect and share your desire for transparency, and have built a client service model capable of meeting your expectations for communication, risk management, and client reporting.


Investment Leadership

Real Assets - Real Expertise™

Risk Management

An investment culture built on active, risk-disciplined strategies

We established Capital Innovations in 2007 so our clients may have access to a nimble boutique asset manager with the benefits of a stable global platform built on our core principles.

Susan Dambekaln, Managing Partner

- 100% employee owned, 51% female owned
- Effective transparent corporate governance

- Low ego long term client centric focus

- Home grown investment team

- Enduring client partnerships
- Analytical idea driven culture

- Experienced professionals

Institutional investors can rely on Capital Innovations to meet all challenges energetically, from defining optimal strategies and evaluating risk to managing costs. You will find our professionals to be fully committed to your interests, creative in identifying opportunities to meet your objectives, and meticulous in their attention to detail.

Our team views investing as a marathon not a sprint

We focus on achieving long-term results through active management and enthusiasm to search for opportunity where others may not. We invest with a long-term horizon as creating value takes time. As active Quantamental™ investors, we believe we can deliver the expertise to help clients pursue benchmark-beating returns through top down/bottom up granular approach.

Judicious Risk Management

Achieving investment performance involves taking judicious risks. Our deep understanding of risk analysis and global risk platform helps tailor client portfolio construction so our clients make an informed choice on their portfolio risk. Our risk platform informs the investment team so we can measure and manage metrics so we may implement protocols throughout the investment process.