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Asset Allocation Committee

Bringing together diverse industry knowledge, with an average of 25 years of experience

Our Vision


"Capital Innovations is a leading global investment manager with a history of Innovation in Real Asset investing." Michael Underhill & Susan Dambekaln,

Co-Founders of Capital Innovations, LLC 

What's in a Name - Millau Viaduct Bridge Logo
In everything we do, its our belief that being innovative creates a viable solution. 
We do this by employing precise engineering, superior construction and unique ideas to our investment solutions. Michel Virogeux (french Structural engineer) and Norman Foster (british architect) had this vision as well when they designed the bridge.

Experienced, Stable Portfolio Managers

Average 24 years of experience

We established Capital Innovations in 2007 so our clients may have access to a nimble boutique asset manager with the benefits of a stable global platform built on our core principles.

Susan Dambekaln, Managing Partner

- 100% employee owned, 51% female owned
- Effective transparent corporate governance

- Low ego long term client centric focus

- Home grown investment team

- Enduring client partnerships
- Analytical idea driven culture

- Experienced professionals

Investment Leadership

Risk Management

An investment culture built on active, risk-disciplined strategies